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Questions, answers & off-topic discussion for members of thehighstreet

off_highstreet is an off-topic community from the makers of thehighstreet! This is a place for advice, opinions and discussion on any topic.

We encourage members of the community to tag their posts to help others find advice & information quickly. The current tags can be viewed here - if you're looking for something, check them first, or use the LJ Seek box below, as someone else might already have asked your question! (When tagging a post, one tag will generally suffice - please choose the most relevant tag rather than using a stream of semi-relevant ones.)

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  • No buying or selling. This includes direct selling, advertising your eBay auctions, promoting selling journals, asking other members to buy something for you or if they have a particular item for sale, offering to buy something for them, etc. (NB: this goes for comments as well as posts.)
  • No advertising of ANY kind. This isn't a place to promote your blog, eBay auctions, other communities, or anything else.
  • No 'add me' posts. This community is NOT here to get lots of people to follow you on Twitter, Tumblr etc. 'Who should I be following?' is fine. 'Here's my link, what's yours?' isn't.
  • The internet is NOT a good place for medical diagnosis. If you have a problem with your contraceptive pill/any other medical problem at all, then please go and see your GP.
  • Posts/comments that break the rules (including those edited after mod approval!) will be rejected/deleted and if you keep breaking the rules or try to post spam, you'll be banned. Our aim is to keep this community useful, interesting and informative.

  • Check the mod posts for the latest updates.

    This is a UK-centric community. As with thehighstreet, non-UK residents are welcome to join, watch and comment, but please keep all posts either universally relevant or specific to the UK.


    Created by floristry and neon_daylight. We now have 7 additional mods to help posts get approved as quickly as possible.

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