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Foundation shade help!
Hey All,

I am wanted to try some high street brand foundations like rimmel,Maybelline,Loreal but I don't know what shade I am and whenever I go to to boots:super drugs there's no1 there to help me! I am a mac nc44/nc42 shade! Even if its just a guess atleast I can go check the Colors out and find out!
Any help will be much appreciated!
Also concealer shades to
Thank you!

moving abroad!
red red rose
i'm moving to the netherlands in just over a week, and i'm bricking it a bit as i'm moving without accommodation (probably hostelling it for a few days, then finding a room out there hopefully). has anyone done anything similar and has any advice/experiences to share? i'd love to hear about people's relocation stories - i'm going over for an internship, and it's really exciting but a bit daunting to move to another country by myself! any tales of how it's not really that big a deal are most welcome :)

DSLR photography
Hello, all.

I just bought myself a DSLR, a Canon 600D. Now, this is my first 'proper' camera - all my others have been just compact ones so I'm very much a novice when it comes to this one. I'm going away for six months in a month or two so would like to use this time before I go to learn how to use my new camera properly. I'm not expecting that in that short time become the next Ansel Adams or anything, but I would like to learn enough so that I'm not using auto all the time!

So yes, does anyone have any recommendations for good blogs and/or websites? Hell, I might even buy a book or two if someone thinks they're really worthwhile! 

(no subject)
(python) oh eric
Topshop midi organza skirt

I fell in love with this Topshop skirt but couldn't buy it at the time, so decided to check online, and its all sold out :( They have it in the 'Tall' range, but am worried it will be too long. Do Topshop restock items once they've sold out online? Or does anyone have this skirt in a 12?

Visiting Canterbury
Hi everyone :)

So I'm visiting Canterbury for a few days and I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for things I should definitely see/do? Recommendations for cute cafes/shops are especially welcome :D

Henna in London?
Other || Gaga
Does anyone know anywhere in London I can buy henna powder. I normally buy it off the internet to colour my hair but I ordered some two weeks ago and it didn't arrive and now I'm desperate.

I really don't want to buy the Lush blocks, I'd prefer to mix my own powder if I can find any!

food - sort of
red red rose
i had surgery to pull all my wisdom teeth yesterday, and i'm basically hoping for tips on quickening up recovery (as i have to travel in a few days for a job interview, and i'd like to be as comfortable as possible by then), foods to eat etc. i have to eat soft foods at the moment, nothing too hot etc, but what i've tried eating so far (macaroni cheese, omelette) has made me feel nauseated, except for very small amounts of ice cream. does anyone have any tips?

Good quality classic leather bags?
I'm sad. The strap on one of my favourite Zara bags broke yesterday. I bought it in February but it went into the sale and now it's sold out.

Where else can I get a nice plain/plain-ish leather bag for <£100?

foundation lightening product?
red red rose
just bought a new summer foundation as i have tanned (enough to go 2 shades darker, eep) and realised will not get through the bottle before my tan fades. is there a product designed to be mixed with foundation to lighten to desired shade?

(i realise i could - and may have tp - just mix a really light foundation with it to try and get desired shade, but it would be helpful if there is something because usually lightest shades are too dark for my winter skin. am also wary of mixing my lighter foundations as they are different coverages/textures and i don't want to muck up the lovely light texture of new foundation)

The shirt Gary Barlow is wearing
Does anyone know where to find the shirt Gary Barlow is wearing in this X Factor promo pic please?

Image behind cutCollapse )

Thanks in advance :)

Next Temp job
modric JD
Hi I have been taken on by next for their summer sale and have my induction on saturday. They've also given me 5 days work, 4 of which i'll be in the stock room and 1 where i'll be on the stock floor!
Has anyone else taken a temp job at next and can give me any advice ahead of the induction? Also is there any chance of me being kept on for more work? I'm currently home from uni until mid september and i'm very flexible and have pretty much no plans so can work whenever.

Things to do on an island

So, in October/November this year I will be upping sticks and moving to South Georgia for 6 months...

It's hugely remote - I fly to the Falklands and then have a 5 day boat journey to SG. There are, on average, 20 people on the island and the Internet connection is awful.

I figure it's a good opportunity to learn something and develop a new talent/skill/interest and am looking for inspiration!

So yes, what would you do in your spare time on a subantarctic island?

prescription sunglasses
Hi I wanted to know if I put prescription into sunglasses can you remove the prescription from the lens if you no longer want it, or do they just change the lens completely? I would to get a pair of sunglasses, I wear glasses all the time anyway but I was wondering whether it would be more convenient to just wear contact lenses when I wear sunglasses or just get prescription sunglasses?

Best high street black tights
(python) oh eric
So after many frustrated mornings running late for work, I have discovered that ALL my black tights are either bobbled, have holes in the toe, or are laddered. Best high street blacks tights? Of any denier, looking to get 15, 40 and 80 den.

Tried Primark tights but find they go saggy around the waist v quickly. Also not a big fan of tights that go right up under your boobs.

Tried TK Maxx but its all summer stock now, despite winter weather prevailing. Love Wolford but its out of my price range. I'd like to get that silky feel in tights, but at a reasonable price (no more than £15 a pair)

Favourite eBay stores?

Hey all

What are your favourite eBay shops? I haven't used it for ages and I used to have loads of cool shops saved, but I've lost them all! Am at a loss of where to buy funky clothes!