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3-free nail polish in miniature?
ocarao wrote in off_highstreet
I'm looking for a brand of 3-free nail polish that does mini sizes - is there such a thing? I don't wear nail polish often so I don't really want to spend loads on getting the colours I want in full size when they might not be ok by the time I reach the bottom.

If colours matter, I wanted a dark red, a deep green and a black.

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As far as I know mavala, opi, essie and ciate are all big 3 free and all do minis in 5ml sizes except opi their minis are 3.75ml but usually opi and essie come in packs of 4 minis so work out better value in the long run.

tbh I've never had an issue with polish going bad especially the more costly bottles, maybe a little minor seperation but I've never had to bin any and I've got nearly 300 bottles, the only ones I've ever chucked away was opi mini bottles because they ended up like glue.

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