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gibbonage wrote in off_highstreet
Hey there,

I am just wondering do people shop at poundland often? I am considering maybe to shop there more often due to financial difficulties.

What makes it different to everywhere else on the high street, and the other pound shops?

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What sort of things were you looking at getting in poundland and the like?

I find they're good places to get things like snacks and as longas you aren't brand loyal do a lot of unheard brand cleaning and toiletry items.

I like Poundland for the occasional purchase :) As diana_molloy asked, what sort of thing would you be hoping to get from there?

I've bought some lovely hair accessories there before, and also 'refurbished' CDs - not that many people are so into CDs anymore, but I like them to listen to in my car! They're also good for snacks and drinks, and seasonal event decorations and dress up items ... I wouldn't rely solely on them though - places like Asda and Wilkinson's are very good if you're on a tight budget :)

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