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(no subject)
electrifymylife wrote in off_highstreet
Does anyone know the best place to get a black puffer jacket at the mo? I know they're literally in every shop at the moment but I saw a girl the other day and she had a sort of matte black knee length one that was really, really well made and not like the average one you get in every shop. It had really nice silver zips on the pockets that had little leather dangly things on them and it was just immaculate looking compared to the other ones in shops atm.

My initial thought was Zara but I've checked in there and while it's the closest I've got to finding one that's similar it's still not the one I saw on the girl in the street (in an ideal world I'd have plucked up the courage to ask her!). I've checked the usual high street shops like New Look, H&M, DP, Topshop etc but nothing. If anyone could help it'd be fab :)

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