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Hair loss :(
xxpr1ncess wrote in off_highstreet
Hi all,

My hair has over the last 2 years become increasingly thinner. It falls out so frequently and I can pull out a few strands without any effort at all. It's really getting me down and it needs to stop!! Has anyone had any experience with hair loss? Any remedies? I have come to the decision that my shampoo HAS to change. Can you recommend a shampoo that might have helped you with thicker hair?

Thanks in advance!

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iv had this problem for the last few months. first of all are you sure it's not some kind of deficiency? you can go to the doctors, explain the problem and they will give you a full blood test. part of the reason mine was thinning and falling out was I was very anaemic and low on vitamin D.

iv tried lots of shampoos to no avail but iv had the Nioxin range recommended to me, it's not cheap they sell it on amazon but my friend used it and said it was brilliant. I've asked for mine for Christmas :)

thanks very much. i think i am lacking in iron after a conversation with my friend, so i'm going to try and get some iron vitamins. here's hoping...!

I had similar a couple of years ago, I was working for Lush at the time and so found myself using this: https://www.lush.co.uk/product/301/New-Solid-Shampoo-Bar

It's supposed to stimulate hair growth and keep your scalp healthy. There could be other reasons why your hair is becoming thinner but I did find this helped (and I was really skeptical!)

it's definitely worth a try and i am desperate so will give this a go! thanks so much

I know how heartbreaking this can be, it used to kill me to see girls with gorgeous long thick hair, even washing it has been painful as most shampoos/conditioner just made it lank. I've been taking Hair, Skin and Nail vitamins and over the moon - it might all be in my head and while it doesnt feel like a miracle like my head is growing super fast, it is definitely getting thicker and fuller xx

ooh is there a particular brand you recommend? (or am i being dumb and that's the name of the brand whoops)

I use holland and barratt, i know they can be horribly overpriced but they do alot of offers so if you dont get one lot cheap you will the next time etc, mine were £6 something but in future I will gladly go without a few luxuries to have my hair heading the way it is :D

fantastic, thank you for the recommendation :D i'll check those out!

thank you very much! i'm not sure if they will work on me but its worth a try! xxx

Its all you can do! I don't have much faith in alot of the beauty product miracle faff that do this and do that but I just know Im feeling happier. Hope it does work for you chick xx

(Deleted comment)
oh really? ok i will have a look online for that! dont think i have seen it in boots or superdrug so hopefully it'll help me too. thank you!

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