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Paris Break
Travelling // Map
forunderland wrote in off_highstreet

I'm going to Paris a month today with a friend for a city break! We have a list of places to visit (you know, all the big things) but we're stuck what to do in the evening!

We have 3 nights to fill & being young girls in our 20s we don't want to be in bed at 9pm! We're staying 10 minutes from Gare Du Nord and we know the metro stops at 1:15 but we would like to have a few drinks. Also any places we need to eat at? We don't have a huge budget so not anything a la carte!

Also any tips? What's the best way to travel? What metro ticket should we get? Anywhere we should visit we haven't thought of?

Anyone blogged about a trip to Paris?

Thanks, Amy xox

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For a fun evening, head to Caveau de la Huchette - it's a really funky underground jazz club in a cave and is absolutely brilliant. The atmosphere there is superb and some seriously amazing dancing happens too - with people just swapping partners throughout the night. I discovered it on my 21st birthday and now make a habit of going back regularly when I'm in the city.

You say you have most of the regular touristy things on your list of places to see - does this list include the catacombs? Because they are really impressive too, but seem to be somewhere most tourists overlook!

Also, best way to travel is on foot with a map - you'll miss so much of the city if you rely on the metro for your entire trip.

Bon voyage!

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