March 30th, 2009

charlie brooker

Hula hoop


Anyone know where i can buy a hula hoop? A weighted sports one. I live in clapham, so preferably in wimbledon/croydon/balham/south of the river. Failing that - anywhere in London really.


romantic european cities?

My boyfriend and I recently visited Paris, which we both adored.  We're looking to go on another trip together later in the year, possibly sometime in late summer or autumn.

So, what would be your recommendations? We are obviously looking for somewhere to visit that is fairly affordable, and wouldn't be staying for more than a week.
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Money money money.


I seem to be extremely unemployable and am sick of having no moolah. How do you guys earn your money aside from a job? I sell stuff on TSUK and eBay, but was wondering if you lovely lot had any awesome suggestions/tips for making money on the side?

Interested in the whole earning from online survey thing, anyone got any links for that?

Thanks in advance :)
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another ebay issue & tudor music?

Ok I'm having a small panic attack at the moment but I was in my ebay account fiddling around, just received something so went to give feedback and watch my items I'm selling as 4 of them end in the next few hours. I tried to log into a certain section and it was taking forever to load so I came out of it and tried to just access again. It wouldnt load, kept re-directing me to Google (no idea why) or would say Internet Explorer cannot display page. I tried to go on it on my other PC and it also said this. I asked my friend to log on at her house and she said it is working fine for her. I just tried to log into Paypal too but that ALSO says Internet Explorer cannot be displayed. Every other website I'm trying is working fine. I'm now freaking out because I think someone has like virus attacked my IP address or something so I can't access Paypal/Ebay. I've had money stolen before online and I think it was from Paypal/Ebay but can never be sure. What am I going to do? Should I contact my bank just incase, and what will happen about the items I'm supposed to sell if I can't log on again? I'm so scared and have no idea what to do!

Any suggestions?


[EDIT]Ignore that, I rang up the bank to ask them to keep an eye on it but I answered some security questions wrong (to be honest I dont know stupid details about transactions and over draft limits) so they froze my account anyway so hopefully nothing can come out anyway.

Another random Question though, Tudor Music: So my family and I are massive fans of the Tudors and my sister said as a joke about doing a tudor themed party but this may happen... I have the Tudors Soundtrack but it is quite mellow and dramatic and not very tudor sounding, but do you know anywhere I can download some Tudor music? I know that a classical group called "The Sixteens" have made some Tudor music but no idea what it is like and I work in a music store and we have an album of Tudor music but it is £16... I was wondering if anyone knew anywhere else or any CDs/Artists that were good to get hold of! Thanks

quick paypal question

seeing as their website is headache-inducing and my conversation with customer services was confusing on both ends, can i accept payments with a personal account? i just downgraded it from premier (i used to sell jewellery on a website, but i don't any longer) but she says i can't accept any payments on it. i don't think that's quite true, but worries me because i have stuff on ebay.
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(no subject)

How does everyone here deal with periods? I don't just mean painkillers and stuff for physical pain [though that advice might be helpful too!] Usually I have terrible pain the first day or so, then the rest of the time I just feel worthless and miserable. Also in the days leading up to my period I get VERY irritable and end up shouting at my husband or crying needlessly. It's very hard to make myself feel better emotionally. So I just wanted to ask if anyone has any tips on how to lift your spirits when you're all bleedy? :<

I had a really moody weekend and came on today, plus I've been sick [chocolate mice incident, I didn't eat that many, but they were made of sugary filth]. And while I'm slightly less delirious with pain now, I DON'T want to feel like crap tomorrow.

I'd like to know whatever works for you personally because there may be things I haven't tried to cheer myself up. :)

hairstyle website recommendations

Hi, I'm going to a black tie event and am looking for ideas for hairstyles. I'm wearing a vintagey looking lace dress and pearls so want to do my hair in a kind of 1940's ish style or maybe something a bit more modern, I'm not sure. Just wondering if anyone could recommend websites to look at styles, especially websites that will also tell you how to do the styles yourself.

Thanks :)

ipod/itunes helppp!

so i just did something bad to my computer that caused it to delete everything, things like photo's are fine as i have them on myspace but all my music is gone :(
anyway it's still all on my ipod, so is there anyway i can transfer it onto itunes?
thanks x

laptop sleeves!

Where'd you get your laptop sleeves/cases from? I need something sturdy so maybe I'm looking for a case.
IDK, I've only just got a laptop but I'm gonna be carrying it around and want something that isnt an ugly computer bag and wont fall to bits after being in my bag for a while. I've looked on ebay and a lot of them have bad feedback so if you know of ebay sellers that are good, share! Online shops preferred as there's not many places around here. Thanks!

I checked tags and have checked out those sites but they didnt look sturdy enough to protect.
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(no subject)

Sorry for the niche post.

Can anyone recommend a decent cheapish removal company or ~man with a van~ in London? All my stuff would fit in a small van since the only piece of furniture I'm taking is an armchair. I don't really need help with loading and unloading, just literally the van and driving. There are many on Gumtree but 95% sound sketch, how do I know who to trust?