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(no subject)
Does anyone know where I can get similar tights to these?

3-free nail polish in miniature?
I'm looking for a brand of 3-free nail polish that does mini sizes - is there such a thing? I don't wear nail polish often so I don't really want to spend loads on getting the colours I want in full size when they might not be ok by the time I reach the bottom.

If colours matter, I wanted a dark red, a deep green and a black.

Hey there,

I am just wondering do people shop at poundland often? I am considering maybe to shop there more often due to financial difficulties.

What makes it different to everywhere else on the high street, and the other pound shops?

Bikini wax (Brazillian) London
Other || Gaga
Can anyone recommend a salon for a bikini wax in centralish/east London - preferably one that doesn't break the bank!

Thank you!

New JOB- Drug Test

Basically I need to know if I passed my drug test.

I took a 40mg Vyvance 2 weeks ago (I am not prescribed these BUT have only taken 1 because I was stressed)
I had my drug test for a new job on Tuesday of this week after passing an at home test two days prior.

SOOO does anyone have any idea as to whether or not I'm in the clear?

Please no judgments. I am not a habitual user and really don't intend on using them again.

Budapest for my 21st
Hey I am going to Budapest next weekend for my 21st - does anyone have any recommendations for attractions and where to go out on a saturday night?

Digital Photography Books
Hai there!

Can anyone recommend any digital photography books for beginners? My dad would to learn how to use our family camera properly (it's Nikon D50x i think) so I'd like to get him a couple of books for Christmas. Preferably one nice coffee table style book and maybe a smaller more 'serious' one.

Suggestions very welcome x

(no subject)
Does anyone know the best place to get a black puffer jacket at the mo? I know they're literally in every shop at the moment but I saw a girl the other day and she had a sort of matte black knee length one that was really, really well made and not like the average one you get in every shop. It had really nice silver zips on the pockets that had little leather dangly things on them and it was just immaculate looking compared to the other ones in shops atm.

My initial thought was Zara but I've checked in there and while it's the closest I've got to finding one that's similar it's still not the one I saw on the girl in the street (in an ideal world I'd have plucked up the courage to ask her!). I've checked the usual high street shops like New Look, H&M, DP, Topshop etc but nothing. If anyone could help it'd be fab :)

Diary recommendations
The time is approaching to buy a new diary and every year I spend ages looking for the perfect one but it's never quite right :(

I want something A5-ish in size and preferably with a lot of note space so I can ditch carrying around a separate notebook. I don't want it to weigh a ton though or be ridiculously expensive - I'm probably wanting too much, but does anyone have any recommendations?

I've tried a filofax personal (lovely but too small and writing on the left pages was a nightmare with the binder rings in the way), a moleskine weekly notebook (probably the best I've had so far for my needs) and a couple of smaller brands.

What do you use?

Please & thank you.

witchcraft book recommendations!
hey guys,
i've been interested in the history of witchcraft for a long time but have never really read up on the subject and with it being halloween, i thought, now is the time! i went onto amazon and got so confused with the amount of choice and wondered if any of you could give me some recommendations? i'm looking for something preferably paperback, easy to follow but interesting and informative!

thank you so much!

Hair loss :(
Hi all,

My hair has over the last 2 years become increasingly thinner. It falls out so frequently and I can pull out a few strands without any effort at all. It's really getting me down and it needs to stop!! Has anyone had any experience with hair loss? Any remedies? I have come to the decision that my shampoo HAS to change. Can you recommend a shampoo that might have helped you with thicker hair?

Thanks in advance!

Paris Break
Travelling // Map

I'm going to Paris a month today with a friend for a city break! We have a list of places to visit (you know, all the big things) but we're stuck what to do in the evening!

We have 3 nights to fill & being young girls in our 20s we don't want to be in bed at 9pm! We're staying 10 minutes from Gare Du Nord and we know the metro stops at 1:15 but we would like to have a few drinks. Also any places we need to eat at? We don't have a huge budget so not anything a la carte!

Also any tips? What's the best way to travel? What metro ticket should we get? Anywhere we should visit we haven't thought of?

Anyone blogged about a trip to Paris?

Thanks, Amy xox

SPF 50+ suncreams
QAF - Justin & Daphne S1
Hello all!

I need some recommendations for SPF 50+ suncreams that are non-greasy.

My Dad has recently been diagnosed with (thankfully very early stage) skin cancer, and is having surgery & skin grafts, but obviously from now on needs to protect his skin every day from the sun.

We're struggling to find a 50 SPF that isn't greasy - even the non-greasy ones are so greasy that they've made his eyes irritated from them sliding into his eyes over the course of the day!

Any help/recs very welcome, especially tried and tested ones from personal experience.