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New JOB- Drug Test
kymmeebear wrote in off_highstreet

Basically I need to know if I passed my drug test.

I took a 40mg Vyvance 2 weeks ago (I am not prescribed these BUT have only taken 1 because I was stressed)
I had my drug test for a new job on Tuesday of this week after passing an at home test two days prior.

SOOO does anyone have any idea as to whether or not I'm in the clear?

Please no judgments. I am not a habitual user and really don't intend on using them again.

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It depends on the company/what sort of job you're applying for but I'm guessing most HR depts will just use one of those at-home tests anyway which will just look for the bigger street drugs? From what I've heard even some strains of legal highs/research chemicals won't crop up on those tests so I really doubt a prescription medicine would...

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