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buryingluck wrote in off_highstreet

given the choice, would you travel (back pack style - one place to the next) or visit countries individually on a ~holiday sort of basis, once/twice a year?


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My instinct would be individual holidays, but it really depends on the accomodation for me - I'd be happy to do a 'tour' of multiple countries, but it would have to be with staying in proper hotels and at quite a slow pace so I didn't feel rushed (and nice luggage ;) ). I'm not a backpack-and-hostel kind of girl, I stayed in a 'boutique' hostel once and still found it grotesque.

Depends how long you have! I did the whole travelling out of a back pack for a year. I loved it and would do it again with the time/money. When you do it like that, you really ease into the travelling and become so laid back and everything gets easier to plan and enjoy in comparison to individual holidays. However, now I've done that and don't have any current travel plans then I'm also content to do a few holidays a year visiting places for short times and I can then visit places completely separate from each other.

How long is a piece of string! As somebody who dedicates their life to traveling, it's a very open ended question for me..

Personally I'm always in awe of people who manage to continually just travel (as in hop from place to place, country to country) on a budget for any longer than 2 months. I met one girl who'd be on the road for 2 years - amazing.

Personally, after 2 months; I'm done. That said, I've been traveling in a sense on and off for nearly 8 years now and I haven't lived in England for 4 of those.

For me, if I'm proper hardcore traveling then after 2 months I reach saturation point. Depending on where you are and how much you change location, I generally find that that's the point in which I stop getting as much out of the experience and I want to just stop in one place for a while and have some comforts. That feeling would probably be lessened considerably if I was staying in more luxurious hotels or were staying in a different place for maybe say a week at a time, or something.

I guess why I think it's such a hard question to answer is because everyone's different and it depends a lot on where you're traveling to, with how much comfort, who with, how much budget you have and how much luggage you have. One thing that I remain unmoved over is that I'd always rather spend longer in one place than a short time in many places. I just feel robbed of culture otherwise.

holidays because i'm a princess and like to stay in super nice places ha.

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Holidays I think, because I like to get a feel for places and visit all the parts I can with plenty of time for just walking around looking at stuff rather than rushing around.

Both - I've had 2 (long) holidays in New Zealand but want to go back out there and actually travel/backpack it I think! Though my mum keeps telling me that if I end up moving there (which is my dream) then I can travel round it then! Hah.

(Also possibly a bit stalkerish but you live close to my aunty!)

Definitely holidays. I would get too stressed trying to arrange being away for a year or something. Plus I just don't do backpacking or hostels or anything like that. It has just never appealed to me.

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