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Budapest for my 21st
gibbonage wrote in off_highstreet
Hey I am going to Budapest next weekend for my 21st - does anyone have any recommendations for attractions and where to go out on a saturday night?

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Instant is an amazing club in Pest with pink plastic rabbits hanging from the ceiling and a tree growing in the middle of it. During the day, the outdoor spa and St Stephens Basilica and the Jewish Quarter are all good. Eating out is super cheap, check out tripadvisors top restaurants - we used that as a guide and were eating three courses of fine dining and wine for £15 a head.

I used the 3 days in Budapest guide on trip advisor for helpful inspiration. Definitely visit Castle Hill for the views & Szechenyi Baths and Pool were so much fun to relax in as well! Loved them

Unfortunately I didn't go to any specific bars/clubs to recommend but loads of nice restaurant with very cheap and tasty wine! cheaper than water!

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