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SPF 50+ suncreams
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colourlesshero wrote in off_highstreet
Hello all!

I need some recommendations for SPF 50+ suncreams that are non-greasy.

My Dad has recently been diagnosed with (thankfully very early stage) skin cancer, and is having surgery & skin grafts, but obviously from now on needs to protect his skin every day from the sun.

We're struggling to find a 50 SPF that isn't greasy - even the non-greasy ones are so greasy that they've made his eyes irritated from them sliding into his eyes over the course of the day!

Any help/recs very welcome, especially tried and tested ones from personal experience.

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I'd go to somewhere like boots and speak to 'proper' skin care people. For example I know make up primer exists that is factor 50 - so that can't be greasy?! I imagine you could wear it on its own? Failing that, keep trying. I had a nice one for the boys this summer in a pink bottle - banana boat maybe? It was better than most. Good luck!

mac prep & prime?

i try to wear high spf on my face, and generally find spf products by themselves (as in, not a product with added SPF, but a product marketed as an spf cream) to be greasy and run into my eyes. i wonder if a primer is the better way to go? i didn't find prep & prime to be greasy :)

Kiehl's do a really good one

the sk:n center does a really good one, thats available in boots. i swear by it. I'm pretty pale and wear it everyday on my face in summer and need to use sun beds for my psosrisis so if Im having a sunbed day in winter I wear it then too. I especially wear it around my eyes if im going on sunbeds and not had any problems, also no problems under make up (infact, gives my make up a nicer look sometimes!) which obv wouldnt be a problem for your dad, but if you or your family was wanting to wear it too.

sorry to hear about your dad, my dad had skin cancer too so i'm a bit of a suncream fanatic now. for face the best one i've found is alpha h's daily essential moisturiser spf 50. it feels really light on the skin and isn't greasy. for body i like the nivea sun invisible protection spray spf 50. again it's not greasy and the spray makes it easy to apply. it also doesn't ruin clothes like thick white creams do. hope that helps!

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