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buryingluck wrote in off_highstreet
it's looming! What are your gift ideas for your parents/boyfriend/girlfriend?

I feel panicked already because I'm yet to start planning!

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I keep a Word Doc all year round with the people I have to buy for and just add ideas to it as and when I hear someone mention something in a conversation or stumble upon something online. I'm lucky because I only really have to buy 'proper presents' for my parents and my fiancé. My other family members just receive a lovely tin of biscuits from Fortnums each year with their card (certainly keeps costs down!). And with that in mind...

Fiancé - flights to Oman (planning a surprise January trip there for us both) / Patagonia Better Sweater / PC Games: Watchdogs and Tom Clancy Splinter Cell Blacklist / Books: Formula 1: The Roaring 70s by Rainer W. Schlegelmilch, Lonely Planet Great Adventures by various authors, Outrageous Yachts by Jill Bobrow

Mother - I usually buy theatre tickets and take her to afternoon tea in the Winter Garden at the Landmark

Father - Treating him to a really lovely old boat which needs restoring and can be a project for us both to work on

My dad usually gets slippers and a calendar (usually of steam trains or Shaun the sheep) because they're things he needs and won't buy himself. He's the kind of person who buys anything he wants including stuff he doesn't really need so he's tough to buy for.

My Mum is usually quite easy to buy for, She usually drops hints, for example, she wanted silicon bakeware last year and a new handbag. Or she likes new silver earrings/jewellery.
Stationary is an easy gift for my mum. </p>

My brother and his wife are difficult to buy for because I don't see them very often and again I Donny really know what they want/need. Last year I found a print of pride and prejudice written out on a poster which they seemed to enjoy.

Bf is usually okay to buy for, he usually gets the latest tiger woods on PS and a new Liverpool shirt and then some other little bits as well.

I saw something once that suggested that gifts should be: something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to read, which I think is a quite useful guide to follow.

me I never think about xmas until nov 5th, after the fireworks, then I know to get going and start planning

I always try and mix it up a bit. With my friends we swap our amazon wishlists to kick it off and then try and find gifts on top of it.
With my boyfriend I try and aim to get him something he can eat, something to read, a game and something to wear :) x

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