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working at debenhams
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kateyrose wrote in off_highstreet
 hiiiii guys!
I've got a group interview for a temporary christmas job at debenhams on saturday - just wondering if anyone knows what this might involve, and what working for debenhams is like? 

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I work for Debenhams, and I lead group interviews for Christmas temps!

Basically, you'll be introduced to everyone, and you'll take part in an ice braker, a favourite of our store is a "truth or a lie" and you tell one truth, and one lie, and the group has to say which is which blahblahblah.
Then you'll have some group work to do,you'll be put into teams, and given a sheet of paper, and a stack of magazines. You'll be asked "what is a Debenham's customer?" and you make a mood board kinda thing then present it to the group. (Clue - designers, make up, brands, family, menswear, womenswear, personal shopper)
Then you have a individual task where you get to choose an item that we sell and you present it to the group.
Ie - "This is a lovely top by matthew williamson - exclusive to us here at Debenhams (exclusive to debenhams is GOOOOOD to say) it's available up to a size 18, if the size you're after isn't out I'll check availability and get one for you, if we don't have one we can order one for you" blahblahblah. Try and mention other accessories, ie bags shoes. Stuff like that.

Then you go for an one on one interview.
Message me if you want the questions =]

Good luck! Be yourself, be friendly and take part as much as possible. MENTION ACCOUNT CARDS.

You'll get the job one the back of that if nothing else!

Where's the store you're applying for?

the questions would be amaaaaaaaaazing (is this too much like cheating!) ummm, cheeky question - what is the actual pay?

I'm applying to the one in Taunton.

Umm,how old are you?
I'm on £6 something, nothing amazing,going up to £7 soon I hope, but that's because of my position, new starters over 18 get £5.72 I think.
I shall message you them after I've had my dinner. Naaah, not cheating, they're easy questions, very general, but I can just, steer you in the right direction for that Debenhams touch!

I really don't know, it's below £5.72 though!

Also, I can't send you a message.
The questions in general, basically focus on what you'd expect from a shopping trip. So, things like customer service - friendly helpful staff, knowledge of the products available. Size options, cleanliness, fitting room availablility, etc. Things like that.
They'll ask you about the mystery shopper - basically the things above are what they look for, but there's no wrong answer really, just common sense.
Then they'll ask you why you want the job, why should they give you a job above someone else.
It's only 4 questions, when I applied it was 2 sheets! Urgh, you newbies! =P

Like I said, good luck, be yourself and you'll breeze it. Say hello, be polite, thank them for their time (because honestly, interviewing 20 people who don't do anything = dull), and get involved. We like standing up and talking about ourselves as much as you do!

Oh, and working for Debenhams is alright. Depends what you want from it really. I started as a weekend/evening worker for uni and now I'm Senior Sales waiting for my waste of space supervisor to leave so I can have her job.
I do everything from serving customers to putting out stock, to orders, to figures, to cv's to dressing mannequins. So yeah, you can do a lot.
Are you looking to stay after Christmas? What position are you after? Where do you want to work?
A lot of stores don't keep temps on, mainly because they are what they are, temps to cover the busiest trade, but if you make yourself known to your department manager and supervisor/senior sales when you start, let them know you're interested in keeping a position there, they can sometimes find you some hours for after January.
In my store Christmas temps are working from Nov 9th (if they've not started yet) to Jan 4th. 20 hour contracts, 5 days a week. Working Boxing Day is a must, as is New Years. But I work in a flagship store, so..

Restaurant interview

I've got a group interview for a restaurant assistant on Thursday. Please give me any advice if you have some. Thanks in advance.

Have you specified where you want to work? I didn't, and I ended up working in the Restaurant. It was a job I stayed in for convenience, but now I have the greatest line manager in the universe and I adore my job. People see Food Services as the scum of the company (at least thats the impression we get from our angle) but I love it. Especially as I'm the kind of person who always needs to be doing something - there is never a shortage of something to do.

Good luck with your interview!

Hey, just to give you a bit more information really. I started as a Christmas temp last year in Debenhams and I still work there. Like the poster above said it was a group interview, in the beginning we went around the group and introduced ourselves and we had to say an interesting fact about ourselves, then we had to choose a random item from a basket and "sell" it to the group (luckily I picked a top which was fairly easy, other people ended up with salt shakers or something much harder) after this we got split up into groups of 3 and we had to dress a mannequin according to one of the seasons trends. Then I had an individual interview with one of the managers which wasn't too formal.

Good Luck with your interview! :)

I had to sell dishcloths =[

argh i did this a couple of years ago, i wasn't good enough for the shop floor and had to work in the debs restaurant, it was horrible! so hard and hated cleaning up after the dirty public!

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