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Grr Reading Leads tickets
Ripley Alien
papertoad wrote in off_highstreet
Anyone have any tips/link on getting them? I just wanna see Radiohead...please!?!
Particularly interested in Reading.

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They're pretty much all sold out. How people get through I don't know, because I've been trying everything since 3 minutes to 7! & it pisses me off to see tickets on ebay already. If you're not going, don't bloody buy them! I swear they probably won't make much of a profit after ebay & paypal fees anyway. Grrr

Just keep trying!
I've been at it since 7, locked in the bathroom with food poisoning and a laptop, and was just about in tears 'til 5 mins ago, when miraculously SeeTickets actually loaded! I swear it'd been error messages all night.

Fingers crossed for you xx

thanks, hope you feel better!!!!!

Ticketmaster usually releases more tickets at intervals, they might still have some left if you haven't got any yet.

not entirely on topic

but has the full line-up been posted? or headliners?
I am so out of touch!

Re: not entirely on topic

yeah just headliners and a few other acts not the full line-up it's on the official website :)

bleurrgh, not the best line-up ever!

I got mine after about an hour and a half of stressing! Pretty sure I've bought 2 by accident as well as they are sending my reference numbers for 2 orders according to the seetickets site, but oh well better than none at all!

I was gonna have a go at getting some but saw the cruddy line up and decided to save my 175 quid! what a rip off!

i've given up - I found last year terrible with all the juveniles starting bonfires and threatening to throw me and my friend's tent in the fire! ahaha I want to start a reading experience post. The best year was 2007 when I was 16 - those were the days!
I think i'll just go to the Camden Crawl lol.

hehe, this makes me feel old! i went when i was 17 in 2003, now that was the best year ever! it was £95 for the weekend and there were tickets still available the week before it started!

omg i know right! that was my first year too (although i was 14) and I got my tickets in may, it's INSANE nowadays. I bought my tickets waaay back in the presale though, so no stressing this time!

ditto, the lineup's awful. the only band i actually WANT to see is radiohead, and i'd go see the prodigy and placebo probs but that's kind of it. definitely not worth the money! i think a lot of people i know are going for the first time tho, which explains why they're all mega excited about pissing away £175...

those are the three bands i'd like to see, but they are all on seperate days, grrr.

i'm not bothering this year. i wanted to make it three years in a row, and i LOVE reading because the same three friends and i go together every year and it's a bonding experience. but it's so not worth the money this year. awful lineup. if you've been to reading before you've seen half the bands already. it's just like... a recycled lineup of the average bits from previous years :\

i'd rather just wait and try and see radiohead separately. even though it would be more awesome to see them at reading than in an arena... but i really can't be fucked with spending £175 on that much. when my friend's brother started going about 9 or 10 years ago it was £50 a weekend ticket ffs!

if you really, really want a ticket, go on seetickets at 9am tomorrow and there will be some more. happens every year, credit cards not going through and such means there will always be tickets back up in the morning.

i think i'm going to try and get a job at reading this year. i've been the past two years but i'm not excited about this years lineup at all. i only want to see radiohead, prodigy and placebo so far. maybe KOL, but i've seen them before.

They always sell loads on the door, every year people get in a panic but just go to the festival site and they have like a porter cabin thing in the drop off point where you can buy them, it's completely official. =)

(Deleted comment)
It normally says they aren't as far as I'm aware. but the lady I've been speaking to about my guest tickets said they will be. it's always worth a try if your desperate.

I saw Radiohead at V last year (or the year before...? whenever they were there, anyway) and was quite disappointed. I've seen them live a fair few times, and that was probably their second worst performance. I don't think they're much of a festival band really. But I hope you get tickets and have a brilliant time nonetheless!

I got my tickets from HMV, queued for like six hours, but the line-up is SO disappointing I may be selling mine! If I do I will probably try you lovely girls here first!

will probably ask for sexual favours lol

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