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nerdanelthenerd wrote in off_highstreet
Does anyone else wish that The Sartorialist would photograph as wide a variety of women as men? Seriously, if you could sort the posts by gender, it would go like this as you scrolled down:
ageing supermodels
beautiful girls
beautiful girls
old guys
young guys
shabby guys
middle-aged guys
handsome guys
chubby guys
bald guys
all kinds of guys

Bit of an exaggeration, but hear me out. There isn't a single woman on that blog who doesn't have perfect legs. Girls with unimpressive legs can be stylish too, goddammit!

If I were in an unreasonable mood, which I'm totally not, I would glean this message from his photographing patterns: "if you're female, you mostly have to look like this or this before you're worthy of any kind of admiration. Oh, and ideally you shouldn't be too much fatter than the quaint European bicycle you're pushing along this quaint European cobbled street. Excuse me while I go and take a picture of this ninety-year-old bloke with belly overhang, yellow teeth and a cravat to match."

Don't get me wrong. I love that he can appreciate the sartorial flair of an weird-looking old guy. Style should be for everyone. However, the truth is, a woman equivalent to this man or this man or this man in terms of conventional attractiveness would never get a look in on that blog, no matter how well she dressed.

The men are represented in such an amazing variety of weird paunchy wrinkled interesting imperfect diverse glory, why can't he extend the same open-mindedness to women? EQUAL SART-RIGHTS FOR GIRL-MINGERS PLZ!

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Argh I totally agree with you! It's an issue I have with a lot of fashion blogs tbh...i love them but you get a much wider variety of men than women - and with women there seems to be unwritten rule that long, skinny legs are a prerequisite for being photographed. Women besides catwalk-thin hipsters do exist but you wouldn't know it from looking at 99% of fashion blogs.

i agree. they should stop photographing east london hipsters too and branch out to other areas of london and photograph a whole varity of fashion subcultures (okay when have you seen a goth on face hunter? never)

I'm so with you. Infact, I found his 'makeover' of a perfectly pretty (but shorter) girl absolutely offensive! Sometimes I think I should get out there with a camera myself and take pictures.

Facehunter is practically the same. Except substitute tall, supermodel girls with 'girls in tights and red lipstick and boys with rolled up trousers'. I thought he was meant to capture style, not deliberately go out there and look for the ideal image?

Haha, maybe I take this too seriously. Honestly, I don't! It's just annoying.

what makeover? can you link me?

I don't get what was so 'wrong' with her in the first place?

I'm obviously sartorially challenged.


her hair is pretty as it is! no need to change =/

That man needs to get the fuck off his high horse, wow.

Oh my god, that "makeover" really got to me as well! The girl was perfectly lovely, and he seemed so disproportionately bothered by her hair which (iirc) was thick and beautiful. ARSE-torialist more like.

I know. Her outfit wasn't spectacular but she was obviously gorgeous and dressed to go shopping!, not coming out of a show in Paris...

oh man, i missed the results of that makeover. i might have to try and find it.

I don't think there has been results yet. I had a look over the archives :)

you're right. phew! i check back in on sart routinely, i didn't think i'd missed it. maybe he gave up on the idea because he realised how dumb it was.

Do you have a link? I missed this!

facehunter is a HUGE culprit. he also never photographs anyone over a size 10, which is bullshit because I see LOTS of larger girls that are stylish (and I would like to think I'm one of them, hah)

this is why I LOVE hel looks. they have everything there, and I find the style a lot more inspirational than same old same old facehunter

you're totally right, and it's the same with facehunter and others. i hate the sartorialist, it's so bloody dull. i mean i'm all for subtle as opposed to in your face (sometimes) but then he'll post some picture of a guy wearing a bright cardigan with a skinny tie in a way that's pure topman-when it first went ~indie~. idk, i hate sounding like a xenophobe but i really believe america (even new york) is always a bit behind.

so bloody dull. suits/sandals/suits/sandals/sandals/sandals/suits/sandals ...

yes. actually the more i think about the sartorialist, it really is a kind of safe tasteful lineny middle aged menswear/~quirkier~ sexy young girl thing

I really don't think New York is that great fashion wise. Like the person below said, it's all like suits, jeans, sandals, clean cut type stuff. Nothing like London where you'll walk around and be like 'ooo I love her outfit' and see a huge range of cloths or whatever. I reckon I'd've felt out of place there if I'd worn anything other than jeans (though maybe the fact that we were in touristy areas could be blamed for that, but still, even when we were shopping in what I think were slightly less touristy areas there wasn't anything I remember jumping out and being like 'wow')

Ooo and that makeover... I don't get it!! It's not the most amazing of outfits but she's really pretty and her hair is gorgeous?!

HEL-LOOKS is usually better for good variety.

indeed, all kinds of different looks there, i love it, very inspirational too.

agreed, I just posted about this above before I read this! hel looks is sooooo much more inspirational

Oh my word, what a twat! I don't read it, but that makeover piece has really got my dander up now. If that's the kind of attitude he has, I shall not be reading it any time soon.

She looks perfectly fine like that.

I think that being young and beautiful is more important then what you are wearing in a lot of cases.

(Deleted comment)
i agree with you as well and thats why i'd never be on there! lol

Yes, yes, yes.

Every time you post, you speak sense. Go you.

Hey, rather a while since you posted this but I just saw you linked to it on Feministing. You're so right; I like the posts Sartorialist makes of older and not-skinny-20-something guys and it's dreadful he doesn't do the same of women. I read it for a while to work out why everyone liked it and if I was missing something, but no. Boring boring boring and monotonous.

I hadn't seen Hel Looks before, that one looks good!

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